Swarm and Whisper are complementary technologies that contribute to vision of Ethereum as a “world computer”.

Ethereum as a shared computer isn’t enough:

  • need:  decentralized computation/logic —> Ethereum decentralized storage —> Swarm decentralized messaging —> Whisper

Swarm designed as accounting protocol, uses automatic exec of “smart contracts” running on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)


  • web framework
  • good for Dapps (distributed apps)
  • compiles blockchain contracts injects then into web app can run test suite against them
  • MetaMask allows users to have own secure blockchain accounts there in convenience of their browsers
  • preparing dapps for Ethereum browsers

From the Truffle Docs

Just need to install:

$ npm install truffle

Need an Ethereum client which supports standard JSON RPC API

  • use EthereumJS TestRPC —> https://github.com/ethereumjs/testrpc
  • it’s the recommended one
  • complete blockchain-in-memory (BIM) that runs only on dev machine
  • processes transactions instantly instead of waiting for default block time
  • is also a client for automated testing

For deploying to live networks, use:

Creating a project: http://truffleframework.com/docs/getting_started/project