I recently received my 23andme results back, and learned a couple of interesting things about myself.

For $200, what exactly are you paying for? For sure, you’re paying for the shipping of the spit sample back to their offices, and the actual work that’s required to collect your sample and interpret it with the algorithms that have been built off of their dataset. You’re probably paying for server costs. But then when they sell your data to pharmaceutical companies and universities for research and development purposes, is that a fair transaction for you?

I don’t think so. This is more than just an issue of privacy.

Obviously it would make sense for the service to be much cheaper and brought down in price if your data was guaranteed to result in some sort of financial return through the sale of your genetic information to a pharmaceutical company, but there is definitely no guarantee of this actually happening. Which is why 23andme isn’t paying you to get your genome sequenced.

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