- developing countries -
"Code for Food ": in which developers can showcase applications which raise funds/awareness for pertinent issues in developing countries

- "Phones for Poverty"
Collect donations of phones from students/companies/people. Allow the people to vote for which fundraiser they will go to(?) 
Take a certain percentage of the good working phones that can be unlocked, and 
donate them to the men's/women's missions, salvation army, oxfam, goodwill. Also, a portion of the funds will be directed towards building

- "Just The Facts ": a webapp that amalgamates all news into literally just the facts, and eliminates all political bias to provide point form information bullet points about the news articles - u
sers can get involved/brainstorm solutions to everyday trending news topics (promotes participaction )+ news feed collects relevant information into one tab (makes it easier to find articles)

- "Hindsight" - application that allows users to facilitate a proper debriefing on the events they have run (or any other document) and save them in the cloud. 
The user can set when they would like to see the document again, (annual events - yearly), and the application will send an email to their inbox at that time.

- "IdeaMatcher" - application that allows users to provide details about ideas that they may have