Someone’s attempt with a p2.xlarge spot:

Very comprehensive guide (and probably the best one):

  • replace cpp-ethereum with ethminer (
  • and also run cmake with:
  • this enables CUDA and disables OpenCL
  • also, start ethminer that’s in /media/ethminer/build/ethminer with:
  • ./ethminer -U -S -O originalxylitol.worker1:password
  • the -U is for GPU using CUDA, which is what you have
  • For next time - make sure you use an Ubuntu 15.10

Other Tutorials:

ETH Cloud Mining for Dummies:

Someone filmed a YT video of themselves trying out the above:

in 2017 (not very technical):

Ether Mining Calculator:


Performance (from


CPU (xmr stak cpu 22 threads...46MB of L3 cache)

840 h/s



so total of 2.740KH/s

less than my previous estimate due to the fact i thought there was a higher L# cache on the p2 instance cpus...there isnt , so cpu performance is similar

p2.16xlarge would be twice that at 5.5KH/s

per cpu/gpu core the performance is almost identical to the g2 instances...(ie grid k520 is just as fast if not faster than a k80 when it comes to cryptonight)

a g2.8xlarge with 32vcpus and 4 grid k520s does 800 or so cpu and 1k GPU (from 4 gpu cores)..