Creating a computer for synthetic biology needs.

What is the water-in-oil droplet microfluidic platform?
* can do transformation, culture and expression of recombinant proteins
* can use bacteria, yeast, fungi

* Hybrid digital microfluidic/channel-based droplet chip
* has temp control for automated plasmid addition, heat-shock transformation, addition of selection medium, culture, and protein expression
* 100-fold reduction of $$$ reagents (DNA, enzymes) compared to benchtop method
* can also do long-term cell culture by providing oxygen to cells
* big picture: “offers potential for automation of molecular biology experiments that can reduce cost, time and variability while improving throughput”

These are the mol. bio steps that have been done with microfluidics:
* DNA synthesis
* cell sorting
* single cell analysis
* cellular assays
* gene delivery to cells

Use of micro Peltier modules for providing the differential temperatures needed for heat-shock and culture that can be automated with code for controlling the oil droplets.