Want to answer questions of:

  • how to categorize life and non-life difference between humans, machines, biological entities, hybrid systems, etc
  • If it’s possible for non human entities to create their own economic systems that are so similar to that of humans

Value of this in the interesting scientific exploration of what might seem so “alien”

Value of this in creating systems through in which we are able to study nonhuman actors in environments that are more stochastic than artificially random algorithm-based agents

Value of this in the creation of a new field of study in semi biological actors in cryptoeconomic environments

Value of this in the bettered understanding of how our own economic environments and markets came to be what they are today

The Origin of Human Economics

There are papers out there that talk about the smallest number of genes that are required to create life.

A decentralized network that’s made possible by a cryptocurrency.

The Origin of Non-Human Economics

The need for humans to sleep, eat, create culture, procreate is not shared by machines or not controlled agents.