• our developer contact (Jonathan) has agreed to place Ada ads into their game
  • if we can pull this off, Ada's job ads will be the very first WebVR-native ads on the Web
  • we're in the process of sharing NDAs with Jonathan so he can share more numbers about their users, will update you when we have more data
  • we've landed on three different ad formats and placements during discussions with Jonathan: a poster, newspaper ad and a magazine insert
  • We previously discussed Ada swag, but for v1 we want to show the user a clear CTA that links out to Ada's job postings. Lots here for us to learn about linking out properly with permission and without disorienting the user.
  • we have an idea to build a WebVR version of Ada's job board so the spatial transition is easier, have to scope this one out so no guarantees
  • we're working on a demo of all three ad formats for you to review, and can show them in person when done
  • Is Ada already running job ads? Could we see what they look like?
  • I'm leaving Etsy to work on this full time starting August 23

No promises on timelines yet but an ad deployed by the end of September is best case target.