Last month, I had the opportunity to build relationships with target customers (CMO, CCO) at two Swedish VR game studios - one of them founded by the creators of Candy Crush. I signed them both up for roughly $600 CAD in ad spend at ~$1.50 per click. We tested 10 new ads last month, and are on track to grow the unique IPs that visit our ads from 8k to 14k in March, up 75%. For reference, we were at 4k in Nov 2019.

Both customers had positive outcomes from their test ad campaigns, and wish to continue spending more for future sales and games. Some studios I reached out to didn't want to advertise with us because we lacked the ability to track conversions. We had a breakthrough last week, and I worked with a member of our Discord community to prototype the equivalent of a Facebook Pixel for native VR games that integrates as a Unity plugin. If we can drive adoption of the pixel, it will be an interesting vector for delivering more use cases. I'm currently in talks with 4 game studios to integrate the tracker.The goal has always been to expand outside of the Web. I'm happy to say that the creator of Angry Birds VR is interested in moving things forward re: placing ads in their Oculus/SteamVR game. The game currently gets 200K active users and on average 45 minutes of play time per session. There is some internal debate happening around ensuring that the ad does not link out to another game that they do not own, or take the user out of the experience.

We're continuing to add more customers. In early March, we secured another $550 CAD worth of ad spend from a new customer. We'll have a new studio coming online in April. Customers who ran ads in Feb will be coming back to run more ads in April for new games and sales. We've also developed near-real-time dashboards for them to track the performance of ad variants.

Looking ahead

Because Wonderleap will be collecting personally identifiable information from EU and Californian residents, as well as combining this data with analytics coming from game studios to measure conversions, it would be very helpful if you had any advice on GDPR and CCPA compliance, or knew anyone who could provide legal counsel. If you also know of any Unity/Unreal Engine devs, I'd love to chat with them as well.

Finally, given my current need for more capital, I've decided to work on Wonderleap part-time for the next while. Although I plan on rejoining my old team at Shopify, this does not mean I'll stop working on Wonderleap. In fact, I've included Wonderleap in the IP exclusions for my employment contract.