Recap from last week:

  • Jonathan wanted to sign an NDA before sharing more detailed growth numbers. We're collaborating on the doc with him. Our terms would specify that they would not compete with us by creating their own VR/AR monetization platform, and that we would not compete with them by creating an online games website.
  • We began work on a demo of all three ad formats (poster, newspaper, flyer) for Ada job ads.

What we've accomplished/learned so far:

  • You can now view a sample of the various Ada ads in WebVR. Here it is:

We're aware of some resolution issues and are working on a fix. I can demo it in person with a headset the next time we meet.

  • Another developer has expressed interest in monetizing their game, you can see their game here:
  • He is ready to add our ads in two weeks.
  • Benchsci has expressed interest in running their job ads on our platform, we are prepping a sales packet for them.
  • Steady progress on the SDK for ads integration, especially around analytics. Team is submitting upstream pull requests to the main 3D Web engine to get functionality we need. Applying a lot of what we learned from previous gaze tech.
  • Steady progress on our developer/advertiser analytics portal, should have something in a week.
  • We're running a survey for WebVR developers across Slack, Reddit and Facebook. Early results verify the high market penetration the Oculus Quest has achieved in just three months.
  • From a survey of VR users on a popular VR chat app, roughly 30% of headset owners are involved in tech in some way, either as a PM or engineer.

What we need help/input with:

  • Would appreciate your feedback on the ad sample (attached to email) - the copy can be modified to your liking.
  • Pricing. What do you think is a reasonable number for an initial CPM and CPC? We have some ideas, but thought it would be good to ask you first.

Re: your question about the growth of WebVR:

  • the /r/WebVR subreddit is growing at 20% YOY
  • the repo which hosts the main WebVR creation framework, called a-frame, is growing the number of stars it has at 25% YOY
  • the /r/OculusQuest subreddit is growing 54% MOM
  • from our early survey results, half of all users who accessed WebVR content is coming from the Oculus Quest