Last week:

  • user interviews, tried to do video but most people on Discord seem to be hesitant because either a) they're shy, or b) their rooms are too messy. Continuing to discover new developers building for WebXR, but there seems to also be opportunity in helping monetize Unity games too.
  • Identified initial types of advertisers we could approach: VR accessory companies - have had some initial success here. Companies hiring remote developers - like Ada. Found a great site to find more co's that hire remote: Shopify stores that have 3D assets
  • Prepping operational monitoring for production traffic testing this week
  • We got a shoutout from Jonathan in the M3 Metaverse (!) meetup!:
  • Continuing to refine messaging for advertisers - selling on: being a first mover, joining an unsaturated network, reaching a truly unique audience

This week:

  • Focus on making our work with Ada a success (ads start Oct 1)
  • Building a beautiful metrics dashboard for _
  • Thinking about mechanisms for A/B hypothesis testing with URL for conversion and ad creative
  • Nailing down what success means
  • We'll have decent enough data from our metrics at about the 7-day mark
  • Going to be really interesting to see how users interact with advertisements in a totally new medium
  • Sending out invoice for _
  • Took two months to go from initial conversation to ad launch with Ada, thinking about how to make this faster for next advertiser
  • Working on trying to convince a VR accessory company to advertise with us
  • Thinking about new incentive structures for the web that will drive developers to create more immersive content
  • We have another developer who is ready to launch their WebXR app this week
  • Not sure if we should apply but last minute YC app

Things to note:

Oculus Connect 6, the flagship Oculus conference, starts this weekend.