Last week:

  • Syncing with _ to align on success
  • One hire would be enough for _ to confidently go back with an update about us.
  • Landed on a funnel-like visualization for weekly update emails
  • Our client-side library was pushed to our publisher, along with a transparent banner mesh in the same position and size as the ad
  • In the past week, we collected over 30,000 metrics of dwell time for the transparent banner, everything looks great and ready to launch
  • Started working on a one-pager to send to advertisers, something we should have done earlier
  • Another developer we’re working with will also have their game featured on Oculus Browser

This week:

  • We're launching our ad with Ada today!
  • I had coincidentally booked a trip to Europe for this coming week while I was at Etsy, so I'll have a chance to meet the creator of Barista Express in person in Germany. And potentially another developer who would use our library, based out of Switzerland.
  • Continuing to chip away at a dashboard for developers and advertisers

Things to note:

At Oculus Connect 6 last week, Facebook announced that they had sold more than $20 M worth of content for the Quest in four months. They've also announced controller-less hand tracking. Seems like they're doubling down on the Quest.