From last week:

  • the creator of SideQuest thought it would be a good idea for us to build an in-app purchase system for his platform, that we would own. The team decided not to move forward with this as it would be a distraction.
  • we refocused, our first priority now will be to focus on finding lots of developers who could cross-advertise each others’ games. And also looking for an ad exchange to integrate with.
  • we were rejected from CDL
  • steady product progress, we’re building a minimal dashboard for Jonathan to check the status of his ad integration.

This week:

  • We have a SOW for _, who is now talking to her recruiters to commit to running ads with us
  • I’m meeting with Eric Migicovsky on Wednesday in Waterloo for YC office hours, from the form you sent out a month ago!
  • more scoping things down and throwing out unnecessary feature ideas, just building the things that are required
  • dealing with a cofounder who went out and got 5 job offers

Things to note:

  • The Oculus Browser got an update that allows you to type from your phone and paste items into the URL field from the Oculus app. This is a huge UX improvement to the VR browsing experience as typing in VR was a pain!
  • I learned from a conversation yesterday in a VR developer meetup ( that there are 1000s of devs building WebVR content (My username is "trope"). This meeting really felt like a 2019 version of the Homebrew Computer Club, for VR, in VR.